Chef Shane

“A chef can’t hide behind the kitchen door”
-Culinary Institute of America

Shane McIntosh, our executive chef, started out washing dishes in the late night Blues bars of Memphis, TN when he was just 14, and quickly moved on to the tough, exacting school of classic French cuisine. Holding his own with veteran cooks, he fell in love with the restaurant life and eventually gained the precision and discipline to complement his natural ability. This exuberant all-rounder – once compared to Julia Child with tattoos – is just as proud of his Dry-Rubbed BBQ as he is of his Caramelized Mango Foie Gras.

By age 20, Shane took over ownership of the Babylon Café, a pioneer in the farm-to-table movement, which instilled the basics of seasonal, local foods. McIntosh then went on to study a variety of flavors and techniques in some of the country’s most renowned kitchens. From the Caribbean cuisine of Automatic Slims Tonga Club, to The Main Dining Room of the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, to the prestigious James Beard House in New York City, to private dining in Paris, McIntosh pulls these influences together, creating
his own style of robust flavors.

At heart, Shane is a proud Southerner who appreciates good food and family. In 2002, he launched Ocean Catering Company – named after his eldest son Angus Ocean McIntosh – and soon established himself as one of the premier caterers in the Southeast. Whatever the event, he can always be found outside the kitchen – usually with a wide grin on his face – making sure all the guests are savoring every bite.